Text Box: Chiropractic Savings Plan
Lee Family Chiropractic Payment Program
We created our Chiropractic Savings Plan with your needs in mind! Each plan is created for those patients that do not have health insurance coverage. In this way, each will receive exceptional therapeutic and maintenance care at a substantial money saving discount! Enrolling in our savings plan is easy and Text Box: Individual Plan            Individual  &                           Family Plan
                               Additional Family Member
   $99.00                  $159.00                   $249.00



Benefits Include



Text Box: 50% off  New Patient Exam 
50% off  Physio-Therapies
40% off Orthotics
30% off  Chiropractic Adjustment
Text Box: 25% off  Re-Exams
25% off  Massage Therapy
10% off Chiropractic maintenance
10% off nutritional and other supplies