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  • Why would Anyone go to a Chiropractor?

  • Why would anyone go to a chiropractor?

    As this headline suggests, there are some who honestly do not know why a person would go to a chiropractor; even in this era of advanced knowledge and superior health care.

    I recall 30 years ago making the decision to go to chiropractic school and to become a chiropractic doctor. What is incredible is that I was most definitely one of those who wondered why any one would ever go to a chiropractor in the first place. Yes, I had been to a couple of them before, but my impression of the doctor and the chiropractic experience was skewed by my already bias against chiropractic in general. I had the mind set that medicine was the only true health science but little did I know that there was much more to the story!

    As a young man, I pondered heavily on what course to take for my education and future career. I stumbled upon this profession called chiropractic. At first I laughed off the idea but as I humbly sought guidance from my Creator, I found myself learning more and more about this remarkable form of health care.

    I learned that modern chiropractic has its roots in the discourses of Socrates’. I learned that it had cured the hearing loss of a deaf man, restored the use of limbs and bad backs, helped to stop years of migraine pain, and I learned that it was the answer to prayer for so many others with a plethora of ailments!

    I learned that the founder of chiropractic established an institution of higher learning long before modern medicine was respectfully organized in part by a generous grant given by Dale Carnegie to study how medicine could improve the quality of life. I learned that – as part of an ongoing orchestrated attempt that started many years earlier to “contain and eliminate” the profession of chiropractic largely as a means to control the choice of quality health care – much of the biases that I had toward chiropractic were deliberately planted into my (and everyone’s) understanding by the American Medical Association.

    After awakening to the possibilities of becoming a chiropractic physician (DC) I became convinced that this was what I needed to do.

    Friends, modern medicine and chiropractic have come along way since the early Eighty’s. Together, as MDs and DCs, health care has evolved into a healthier, more productive team approach that focuses on helping the patient and not on petty differences of philosophy. Although biases may continue in the hearts of a small few, medical doctors, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, podiatrists, dentists, optometrists and even some hospitals work hand in hand with doctors of chiropractic. We live in a great day and age, do we not?

    There may be some who may still ask “why would any one go to a chiropractor?” but now you can answer “because it is the smart thing to do. Don’t believe me? Ask your doctor!” (Chances are very good that he / she’ll agree with you!)  If you live in Arizona and would like to speak to a Mesa AZ Chiropractor please contact us at 480-644-0644.

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