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  • Why Standard Process and Not the “Other Guy”?

  • The use of nutrition to improve the body’s abilty to function better is well known. I have researched several types of nutritional products and companies for many years now. Whenever a new nutritional product has been introduced to the general public I have tried to learn what I can about it to better serve my patients. Yet, interestingly enough, most products on the market are a re-introduction with a twist of a nutrient or product that has already been in use. Very seldom is there found a truly “new” nutritional product.

    It is true that using different combinations of nutrients can produce different effects to some degree. But, how often do you hear the same claims made of improved energy, longevity, weight loss, or the proverbial “miracle cure” when these products are released?

    This is why, my friends, I use Standard Process Labs. Long before supplements were in vogue, Dr. Royal Lee and his company, Standard Process was pioneering the use of nutrition for better health. For over 75 years Standard Process has been producing high quality nutritional products. No hype or false claims; just great and consistent results with the majority of my patients and of patients throughout the world.

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