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  • Water – It is Good for You!

  • Helpful Hint – Drink More Water! There is not set rule to follow because there are too many variables at play here. But, as a general rule of thought, a minimum of 64 to 128 ounces a day may be needed. Are you very active, do you sweat easily, are you of a larger body weight? Here is a cool water calculator that may be helpful.

    Water is a nutrient that everyone is familiar with; including me. Yet, even though I am constantly reminding others of the importance of its frequent daily use, I find myself not drinking enough of it.

    I recall many years ago at a National Scout Jamboree finding myself suddenly and embarrassingly going to a hospital due to dehydration. My symptoms were very subtle but the doctors I was working with became alarmed at my red face. So, off I went. There, I was hooked up to an IV and told to rest through the night. The following morning I awoke more alert and energetic than ever before; because I was thoroughly hydrated.

    Water is absolutely essential to recovery; any recovery. Make it a goal today and this week, to drink the amount of water recommended for your age, body size, gender and activity level.

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