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  • The Therapeutica Pillow

  • This is the only pillow that I endorse. There are several good pillows available to the public but there is only one perfect pillow, in my opinion, and that is the Therapeutica.

    Each pillow usually sells on – line, depending on the size needed, for $110.00 to $140.00 when you include the shipping and tax. However, your cost will be between $85.00 and $110.00 at a savings of $25.00 to $30.00.

    If you have any neck, shoulder, arm or hand problems, you need this pillow!

    Remember, this is a medical expense so Health Savings Accounts can also be used and you should talk to your accountant regarding medical deductions.

    Email (drlee@drmlee.com) or call if you want a Therapeutica pillow at 480-644-0644. We will determine your pillow size and take your order over the phone for your convenience. Or, feel free to make an appointment at our Mesa AZ Chiropractic office if you wish.

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