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  • The Fibromyalgia and Hormone Connection

  • Are hormones, or the imbalance of them the cause of your fibromyalgia?

    Synthetic hormones. Bio-identical hormones. Natural hormones. What is the connection with hormones and fibromyalgia and can any of these help me or make my fibromyalgia worse?

    Primary fibromyalgia is a chronic illness with an unknown etiology or cause. In our Mesa AZ Chiropractic and Fibromyalgia clinic we are honored to assist many men and women who suffer from the debilitating effects of fibromyalgia. We have discovered that many women have found that when their hormones are “screwed up” their fibromyalgia is worsened. There are some who are not aware they may have a hormonal imbalance and there are those where a hormone imbalance is highly suspected. Many women will receive hormones from their doctor to help prevent osteoporosis or PMS, control endometriosis or hot flashes, etc. But here is the concern; when you start supplying hormones from a source other than your own body, your body stops producing its own hormones.

    So, do you need to take a hormone replacement or not. As a chiropractic physician and clinical nutritionist I encourage you to stop and think about this first. Is it wise to place a hormone, synthetic or not, into your body to alter its chemistry and ability to produce its own hormones? Or, is it preferable to assist your body in producing a healthy balance of its natural hormones? Logically it is the latter that matters. Balancing your hormones by allowing your body to create, balance and utilize its very own, body produced hormones is the safest and best choice to make.

    Fibromyalgia pain can and is often made worse when a woman’s hormones are imbalanced. When we discover a strong pattern of this type of fibromyalgia we can appropriately make valuable and useful recommendations that often lead to improved quality of health and well being. We call this important first step you are taking as our “Discovery and Recovery” phase of healing. There are several potential “causes” or “boxes” and hormone is just one of them. Please take the time to read: How I Treat Fibromyalgia. Here you will learn more of how we do this.

    Hormone related fibromyalgia can be treated without the use of foreign hormone replacement. In our Mesa AZ Chiropractic and Fibromyalgia clinic we assist our fibromyalgia patients through various means but a specific, customized  protocol will be given to help your body create, balance and utilize its very own, body produced hormones. It is a safer and better way.


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