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  • The Effects of Stress! How bad is it?

  • Stress; it is something that we all experience but, are you coping with it well? As a Mesa, AZ chiropractor I see dozens of chiropractic patients with ailments that can be traced back to stress in almost every instance. As a health and wellness instructor and a chiropractor I have learned that no one is immune to the effects of stress; even a chiropractor.

    Stress is defined as any condition or event that we perceive to challenge or threaten us. Some stressors for example would be moving to a new place, paying bills, losing a love one or a job, an unkind and demanding boss or being pulled over by the Mesa, AZ police. You do not have to be a chiropractor to know that stress affects you.

    I teach health and wellness classes to hundreds of students every year. The subject of stress is mentioned in every class. Two questions I pose to my students are:

    1. What are the physical changes associated with frequent or severe stress? How might stress affect the cardiovascular, immune, and digestive systems?

    2.  Explain how stressful events might affect physiological health. What are the factors that contribute to post-traumatic stress disorder?

    Stress is increasingly becoming the number one cause of illness today. Chances are you worry about the environment, political instability, the economy, your own job or business or your retirement income; even in Mesa, AZ! You also feel the stress of others in your life. This feeling of stress increases the body’s use of vital hormones, minerals and vitamins. Protein from muscle is often broken down to provide essential amino acids to other areas of the body.

    If you have noticed a loss of energy, a feeling of anxiety or melancholy, female or male hormonal irregularities or if you are beginning to experience more illnesses, you are very likely suffering from the effects of stress.

    Stress also affects you internally. It causes your heart rate and blood pressure to increase, increasing the risk of blood clots. Stress causes your breathing to quicken producing acidosis. This can lead to muscle stiffness. (As a chiropractor, I see this a lot with my chiropractic patients.) The blood supply to your digestion system is decreased leading to poor digestion and other digestive disorders. Your urine production will go down increasing the stress on your kidneys.

    Unfortunately, I have witnessed a dramatic increase of these and similar symptoms with my Mesa, AZ chiropractic patients and from comments made by my students in my various nutrition classes throughout the US.

    So what can be done to control the negative effects of stress?

    1. Can chiropractic care help? Yes it can! As I have mentioned, my chiropractic clinic is filled with patients with stress related illnesses that we help every day!

    2. Can nutrition help? Why, of course! Nutrition is vital to healing and maintaining the human body.

    3. What about exercise? Absolutely! 30 minutes per day, three days a week has a positive effect on the heart, lungs, blood vessels, adrenals and immune system.

    4. Will prayer or meditation be useful? I would say that this help is perhaps the most important but least utilized.

    In conclusion, whether or not you live here in Mesa, AZ, or have gone to a chiropractor before, you need to consider chiropractic care. Find a chiropractor that understands clinical nutrition too. Live your life with happiness. Love others as you would want to loved. Learn how to do your best and be your best.

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