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  • The Best Fibromyalgia Pillow Ever!

  • For the fibromyalgia sufferer getting a good night’s rest is important but not always possible. The pain associated with fibromyalgia often causes neck, upper back, shoulder and arm achiness, stiffness and sometimes numbness. At night, these symptoms can intensify causing the fibromyalgia sufferer to toss and turn frequently, producing a very restless night. And as every fibromyalgia sufferer knows, getting a good night’s sleep means functioning better the next day. So is there any help available for the fibromyalgia sufferer to sleep better and more soundly during the night?

    for many years now in my Mesa AZ chiropractic office I have recommended to my chiropractic patients only one type of pillow; The Therapeutica Pillow. The Therapeutica Pillow is the only pillow that I will endorse. There are several good pillows available to the public but there is only one perfect pillow, in my opinion, and that is the Therapeutica. As a chiropractic physician, I place a strong emphasis in structural support for each of my fibromyalgia patients. The Therapeutica Pillow is what I affectionately call my fibromyalgia pillow because it works in helping my fibromyalgia patients to sleep easier and better thus providing more daily energy. If you suffer with fibromyalgia symptoms of neck, shoulder, arm or hand problems, you need my fibromyalgia pillow: the Therapeutica Pillow!

    The Therapeutica Pillow is specifically designed to cradle the neck and upper back in the most correct sleep posture. When turning onto your side, the Therapeutica Pillow (my fibromyalgia pillow) properly supports your neck and takes pressure off of your shoulders, arms and hands. Truly, no other pillow for fibromyalgia and chiropractic patients is better! I place my chiropractic / fibromyalgia reputation on this.

    Email (drlee@drmlee.com) or call if you want a Therapeutica Pillow at 480-644-0644. We can determine your correct pillow size and take your order over the phone for your convenience. Or, feel free to make an appointment at our Mesa AZ Chiropractic office for your fibromyalgia or other chiropractic symptoms.

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