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  • Spinal disease prevention; what is it and is it necessary?

  • Just the other day, while driving home with my daughter, As a practicing chiropractor in Mesa, Arizona I re-discovered an important point. Rachelle and I were discussing the need for dentistry and how grateful we are for them when we are having tooth pain! We further discussed the importance of prevention; brushing, flossing and regular check-ups. The dental profession many years ago understood that for the profession to survive they needed to get their message out to the public that your family dentist is important to every man woman and child. They knew that prevention was critical to oral health and that society needed to learn and believe it too. So, they set out to educate “the people”.

    Spinal disease prevention; what is it and is it necessary? In the Boniva commercial Sally Fields says ” I only have one body and one life”. This is a very true statement. You also have only one spine and when it begins to have problems it is painful and expensive to repair. Spinal hygiene includes correct sleep. standing, working and sitting posture. It also includes proper exercise and spinal alignment. Please do not take spinal hygiene lightly. Like your teeth, maintaining a healthy spine will bring you peace of mind today and a stronger, healthier lifestyle tomorrow.

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