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  • Sleep: A Chiropractor’s Answer for Back Pain and Other Ailments!

  • Take a moment to ask yourself if you are really getting a good night’s sleep. In my Mesa, AZ chiropractic clinic this question is asked on the first visit! Your ability to get a full and restful sleep can make all the difference in overcoming back pain and / or other aches and pains. If you have low back pain or other similar ailments like shoulder, neck or muscle pain, your sleep – the way you sleep, how well you sleep, how long you sleep – can influence whether or not you have a speedy and full recovery.

    Please take a moment to view this video segment from TeamChiropractic:

    I am a chiropractor but I too have a bad “back pain” problem. However, I have learned what to do to keep my back pain under control. First, I believe in chiropractic! I use a chiropractor too! I try to get a chiropractic adjustment from my chiropractor at least once a week. This is critical to my success and most likely will be for you and your back pain. Second, I use a large doggy pillow under my lower legs. When place properly (and it must be to avoid knee problems) this encourages me to sleep longer on my back (the preferred position), reduces the stress on my low back and helps repair the damaged discs, muscles and nerves. Third, I use a quality mattress. There are many good mattresses on the market but if you have chronic back pain, this chiropractor recommends that you get a high quality mattress. Lastly, I need and use a sleep apnea machine to improve breathing and sleep. For me this is essential and may be for you too. Do not ignore the possibility that you have sleep apnea. As a chiropractic physician and low back pain sufferer, I can assure you that sleep apnea can contribute significantly to back pain, muscle aches and pains and other health related illnesses.

    Make an appointment to see your chiropractor today if you have back pain. If you live in the Mesa AZ area, please feel free to contact us at our Mesa, AZ chiropractic clinic. But tonight, begin to make the changes to improve the quality of your sleep allowing  you to sleep deeper and better.

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