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  • Pain from a lumbar herniated disc

  • Spinal disc protrusion or lumbar herniated disc  is a common condition we see here in our Mesa AZ chiropractic clinic and we can help the pain go away!.  The human spinal column consists of a series of vertebral bones.  Spinal disc is a cartilage consisting of an outer ligament layer called the annulus fibrous and a soft, jelly like substance in the middle surrounded by the annulus fibrous called the nucleus pulposis.  The spinal discs function as a shock absorber between each of the vertebral bones.  The spinal disc protects the spinal cord from the stress of our daily activities such as in heavy lifting.  It also helps to maintain flexibility of the spine.

    A disc protrusion/lumbar herniated disc could be caused by trauma or injury. It can be an age-related degenerated change due to the loss of the water content inside the nucleus pulposis.  Each of these may lead to the tearing of the outer annulus fibrous allowing the jelly like nucleus pulposis to shift outward, pinch the spinal nerve root nearby, produce pain, numbness tingling and muscle weakness of the low back and lower extremities.  Common signs and symptoms of disc protrusion or lumbar herniated disc include:

    • Mild to severe pain in the low back
    • Numbness, radiated pain and weakness of buttock, legs and feet
    • Shooting pain  when coughing or sneezing
    • Back spasms

    In our Mesa AZ chiropractic clinic, we combine chiropractic adjustment, physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises  for chiropractic patients with a lumber herniated disc.  As a Mesa AZ chiropractor, I teach my patients with lumbar herniated disc home exercises to relief pain and improve recovery of their low back.  There are three exercises for lumbar herniated discs I would like to share with you here:

    The first exercise is called “Prop-up on stomach”, also known as pre-cobra exercises.  Patients lie on their stomach, prop up on their elbow.  Hold the position for about 2 minutes.  For some elder patients if this is too difficult or too much bending backward, they can put a pillow right under their chest with their elbows prop up on the pillow, which gives them support and they could just slightly maintain the prop-up position.  (See below)

    The second exercise is called “cobra exercises” or “press-up on stomach”.  This is a press up on the stomach position, a continuation of “prop-up on stomach”  Patients start with the same position as the pre-cobra exercises mentioned above, keep the waist and leg flat with the ground, and bring their back up with elbow straight.  Hold the position for about 1- 2 seconds and down, then repeat several times.  It is suggested clinically hold up to 5 seconds for each repetition and up to 20 repetitions.  (See below)

    The third one is called standing back bend.  This is a great exercise for patients who work all day long with lumbar herniated disc.  Patents stand straight, holding their waist with both hands, and bend backward.  An alternation is to put their hands on wall, perform same bend backward, also can be recognized as “take your belly button toward the wall”  Hold about 1 – 2 minutes.  (See below)

    The idea behind these 3 exercises is to press the lumbar herniated disc, and move it forward away from the spinal nerve, relieve the symptom down to the leg and feet, and create negative pressure inside the annulus fiber to increase the absorption of the protrusion  lumbar disc.  Normally during these exercises patient will feel the symptoms from the leg goes up to the back, which is called centralization (which indicates you are on the right track of recovery)  Stop the exercises immediately if you feel your symptom is getting worst.

    As a Mesa, AZ Doctor of Chiropractic, I see chiropractic patients with lumbar herniated disc conditions by using chiropractic, physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises.   If you have any questions about the above exercises, please contact me.  As your Chiropractor, my goal is to work with you and help to reach your goal of health. Call today and schedule an appointment for an evaluation and chiropractic consultation.

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