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  • If you have noticed a loss of energy, a feeling of anxiety or melancholy, female or male hormonal irregularities or if you are beginning to experience more illnesses, you are very likely to be suffering from the effects of stress. Unfortunately, I have witnessed an increase of these symptoms in my patients and from comments made by my students in my various nutrition classes.

    As we all know, stress is increasing becoming the number one cause of illness today. Whether or not you are worried about the environment, political instability, economy, your own job or business or your retirement income, you are also feeling the stress of others in your life. This feeling of stress increases the body’s use of vital hormones, minerals and vitamins. Protein from muscle is often broken down to provide essential amino acids to other areas of the body.

    For this reason, I have felt it helpful to list those nutritional items that I believe will be of the most help to you from Standard Process Labs and Awarenesslife (type in the name – drmlee – in the www .box).

    Female Help –

    Utrophin, Ovex P and Symplex F – hormonal support

    Drenamin – adrenal support

    Daily Complete – multivitamin foundational support

    Male Help –

    ProstX and Palmettoplex – hormonal support

    Drenamin – adrenal support

    Daily Complete – multivitamin foundational support

    I hope you will consider trying these excellent products out; for you, your spouse and in some instances – your children. Quality health and wellness will, over time, reduce added stress, physical and emotional illness and health care costs.

    Please call our Mesa, AZ Chiropractic office at 480-644-0644 and let us know if you are interested in getting these nutritional products. If you mention this letter I will pass on a savings of 10% to you.

    If you wish, and for those who have not had a nutritional screening in a while, I have told Karen and Milessa that I will schedule time for additional screenings as needed. I have authorized a discount again, when this letter is mentioned by you. The screening cost will be $40.00 (normally its $60.00).

    Call at 480-644-0644 or simply email me at drlee@drmlee.com and let me know you want a screening, the nutrition or both.

    Dr. Mark E. Lee, B.Sc., D.C.

    Private Practice / Professor of Nutrition

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