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  • Metformin and B12 deficiency

  • metformin (met FOR min)
    Brand Names: Fortamet, Glucophage, Glucophage XR, Glumetza, Riomet

    If you or someone you know is diabetic then chances are metformin (or one of it’s brand name drugs) is used to control your (their) blood sugar levels. Although the use of this medication may be important, there is the very real risk that a Vitamin B12 deficiency may occur. Vitamin B12 along with Folic Acid is necessary as it helps maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells and is also needed to make DNA.

    According to Medline Plus of the US Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, “Metformin may reduce serum folic acid and vitamin B12 levels. These changes can lead to hyperhomocysteinemia (abnormally large levels of homocysteine in the blood), adding to the risk of cardiovascular disease in people with diabetes. There are also rare reports of megaloblastic anemia in people who have taken metformin for five years or more. Reduced serum levels of vitamin B12 occur in up to 30% of people taking metformin chronically.”

    This risk can easily be prevented by the supplementation of B12. Now B12 is not easily absorbed in the body. In fact, it requires a substance know as intrinsic factor in order to work. To my knowledge, Standard Process Labs is the only company that adds this important substance in their B12 supplements. Getting the right supplement will make all the difference! Chose Standard Process nutrition.

    If you take metformin, ask your doctor if supplementation is right for you.

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