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  • Mesa, Arizona Chiropractor helps with Candida!

  • In my Mesa, Arizona chiropractic clinic I often come across problems associated with Candida. Candida Albicans is a stubborn fungus (yeast) that acts parasitic in the body. The body’s immune system will usually keep it in check but when the immune system is compromised, this mean-spirited fungi can and will over take the body; inside and out.

    There are prescription medications that will kill much of this fungus. However, it has been my experience that even these strong medications, along with the potential adverse side effects, will not totally eliminate the parasite.

    Diet has been shown to control the proliferation of Candida. Basically speaking, a high carbohydrate diet contributes to the problem whereas conversely, a low carb diet may reduce its strength. In addition, foods such as lemon juice, olive and coconut oils, almonds and almond oil, onions, radishes and garlic are known to be helpful against the War on Candida.

    For my patients I recommend the following Standard Process Lab nutritional supplements:

    1) Zymex – 2 capsules, three times daily on an empty stomach (an empty stomach is 1 hour before eating and or two hours after).

    2) Tuna Omega-3 and Linum B6 – two capsules, twice daily AM and PM.

    3) MinTran – Three tablets, three times daily with meals.

    4) Cayenne Pepper – One, three times daily with meals.

    This protocol is to fight the yeast only. Depending on the severity, this may take 3 to 9 months. I have never seen it go over nine months though. Afterward, it is wise to use a maintenance program to keep it from proliferating once again.

    If this feels right to you and you wish to know more, you may give me a call at 480-644-0644 and I would be happy visit with you directly. My chiropractic clinic is located in downtown Mesa, AZ on Lindsay road, north of main.

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