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  • Low Back Pain, Chiropractic and Digestive Disorders

  • Low Back Pain, Chiropractic and Digestive Disorders

    As a chiropractor devoted to my patients, I am not accustomed to talking crap to them. But then again, maybe I am! Did you know that many low back problems seen in chiropractic clinics throughout the world and especially here in Mesa, AZ are due to digestive problems? Gastrointestinal (the digestive system) disorders are a serious and common problem. One study found that during a three-month period nearly 70% of the American population experienced one or more gastrointestinal symptom.1 Low back pain may be a sign of a digestive disorder.

    Let’s talk about (dare I say it) pooping!

    Bowel Movement (BM) is the ugly duckling subject of health and wellness. No one wants to talk about it and no one wants to admit when they have a problem with it. Yet within this every day occurrence is found the answer to many of our digestive problems. Feces (that nasty stuff that exits from the rear) contains water, indigestible fiber, undigested food, sloughed off intestinal cells, living and dead bacteria, bile, and worn out red blood cells. If it did not come out of you, your body would fill up with this garbage – Yuk!!

    So what should your chiropractor teach you to look for to determine if your bowels are normal or not?

    A normal stool should be light brown to brown in color. It should be shaped in a cylindrical form and not flattened on any side. It should be neither too hard nor too soft. When eliminating (going the bathroom) your feces should be easy to pass, and it shouldn’t have an extremely foul smell.

    When was the last time your chiropractor asked you “How many bowel movements do you have each day? Proper elimination may prevent serious health issues. So you may be asking “how many times a day should I be pooping? A healthy bowel should eliminate waste with one or two moderate sized movements every day. Every other day or once or twice a week bowel movements can cause sickness because the bowel contents may release toxins back into the body.

    There is so much to know and so much information to glean from your stool. So, if you are visiting your chiropractor for a low back problem, and if there is no question asked about your bowels, don’t be embarrassed to bring it up. You could be doing your self a big favor.

    (Dr. Mark E. Lee is a chiropractic physician practicing in Mesa, AZ. His chiropractic office is located at 116 N. Lindsay Rd. Suite # 7, Mesa, AZ 85213.)

    1. Drossman DA, Li Z, Andruzzi E, Temple RD, Talley NJ, Thompson WG, et al. U.S. householder survey of functional GI disorders: prevalence, sociodemography and health impact. Dig Dis Sci 1993;38:1569-80.

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