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  • Low Back Pain and the Kidney

  • As a new Mesa AZ Chiropractor with a specialty in acupuncture, I would like to share information with you concerning the relationship between your low back pain and the Kidney.

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the kidney is considered an important organ because of its role for water/fluid metabolism.  According to TCM principles, there are three basic substances of human body which include: Jing / Essence, Qi / Vital energy and Sheng / Spirit.  These three substances are stored in kidneys.  Among them, the Jing also know as Essence is related to life development.  In other words, the kidney is the primary organ associated with problems such as growing up, aging and infertility.  According to TCM, as we grow older our kidney Qi (pronounced “chee”) or the vital energy of the kidney, declines which is related to bone loss and poor hearing since the kidney functions to nourish the bones and the ears.

    One common condition we see in our Mesa AZ Chiropractic clinic: chronic low back pain. Low back pain is usually considered a sign of Kidney imbalance/dysfunction according to TCM theory as the kidneys are “housed” in the low back.

    In our Mesa AZ Chiropractic clinic, we help our chiropractic patients with chronic low back pain through chiropractic and acupuncture care.  Chiropractic care helps to reduce pain and restore the position of the misaligned spinal vertebra that block the nerve signal from brain to body.  Acupuncture care is to improve the flow of the vital energy Qi along the nerve pathway.  Certain acupuncture points along the kidney energy pathway (also known as the kidney meridian) could be stimulated by inserting acupuncture needles.  The goal is to tonify the kidney function for chronic low back pain.

    Dr Jack Qiu works with his patient suffering with chronic low back pain with thorough knowledge in chiropractic and training in acupuncture. Dr. Qiu is available to help you with your health concerns.  As a chiropractor, He is available to help his chiropractic patients weekdays and on weekends.  A Free consultation is available.  Please call our chiropractor’s office today.

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