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  • Low Back Pain and Breathing

  • “Can breathing help my low back pain?”

    Low back pain is a common ailment found in every chiropractor’s office. In my Mesa AZ chiropractic clinic it is no different. In chiropractic school we learn several techniques to assist low back pain sufferers and to help establish a speedy recovery. Because low back pain prevents much movement, home stretching can be difficult. However, there is a breathing exercise that actually stretches and strengthens the muscles for low back pain sufferers.

    My colleague, Dr. Paul Salinas put together this breathing video for his low back pain patients and posted it on YouTube. I felt that it would be helpful to you too so please watch it and practice the breathing technique shown. You’ll be glad you did.

    Please share what you have learned about breathing with others who have low back pain. Then invite them to call our Mesa AZ Chiropractic clinic at 480-644-0644.

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