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  • Kidney Infection and Chiropractic – Really!

  • As a Chiropractor and nutritionist I am honored to assist many people with various illnesses in my Mesa, Arizona Clinic and through telephone consultations throughout the world.

    A few years ago I had the honor and the privilege to meet a young woman that had a serious kidney problem. Beginning when she was eight years old and continuing for four more years, Stacy (not her real name) had chronic kidney infections stunting her normal growth. Stacy was an active 12 year old that loved to dance. But at less than 5 feet tall she was very short for her age; and thin too. She had been into visit her family doctor dozens of times. This doctor was kind and helpful but the infections continued, despite the repetitive use of antibiotics, to the point that it was determined that exploratory surgery was necessary.

    Thankfully, Stacy and her family heard of my Mesa, AZ chiropractic clinic and of some of the unique things we are able to do.

    After careful review and screening, a nutritional and chiropractic protocol was created for Stacy. It was determined that a parasite and virus combined were the cause of those painful years of kidney infections. Within three months Stacy was infection free. Six months later Stacy reported to have no infections and her growth spurt began. Stacy had grown 6 inches by the end of a year.

    Today, Stacy is a healthy young mother with healthy kidneys. You may know of someone that has suffered with an illness for weeks or months. Please provide hope and encouragement through service, counsel and love. Share Stacy’s story with them and encourage them to seek additional help!

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