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  • Is Your Vitamin Poisoning You?

  • As an college  instructor in nutrition, chiropractic physician and clinical nutritionist, I strongly believe that what you take for a vitamin is more important than if you take one at all. For if you are taking a vitamin supplement, you need to know that your vitamins may be made from coal tar or other non food chemicals! Allow me to explain.

    There was a recent article reported in the Washington Post stating that taking vitamins would increased your risk of death, instead of making you healthier and live longer. The article was based upon findings published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). However, as Paul Harvey used to say “And now… the rest of the story”!

    There have been some non chiropractic research studies that have alluded to the conclusion that vitamins do not help us live longer; this may be true and factual. But, what is not mentioned is how these research studies continually use vitamins and minerals from non food sources or, in other words, are synthetically made. Most chiropractors agree that whole food nutrition is best. Allow me to share with you this chart that shows the differences from food source vitamins and synthetically made vitamins:

    Whole food Vitamins Vs. Synthetic (laboratory) Vitamins

    Vitamin Food Nutrient* ‘Natural’ Vitamin Analogue & Some Process Chemicals
    Vitamin A/Beta carotene Carrots Methanol, benzene, petroleum esters; acetylene; refined oils
    Vitamin B-1 Nutritional yeast, rice bran Coal tar derivatives, hydrochloric acid; acetonitrole with ammonia
    Vitamin B-2 Nutritional yeast, rice bran Synthetically produced with 2N acetic acid
    Vitamin B-3 Nutritional yeast, rice bran Coal tar derivatives, 3-cyanopyridine; ammonia and acid
    Vitamin B-5 Nutritional yeast, rice bran Condensing isobutyraldehyde with formaldehyde
    Vitamin B-6 Nutritional yeast, rice bran Petroleum ester & hydrochloric acid with formaldehyde
    Vitamin B-8 Rice Phytin hydrolyzed with calcium hydroxide and sulfuric acid
    Vitamin B-9 Broccoli, rice bran Processed with petroleum derivatives and acids; acetylene
    Vitamin B-12 Nutritional yeast Cobalamins reacted with cyanide
    Vitamin ‘B-x’ PABA Nutritional yeast Coal tar oxidized with nitric acid (from ammonia)
    Choline Nutritional yeast, rice bran Ethylene and ammonia with HCL or tartaric acid
    Vitamin C Acerola cherries, citrus fruits Hydrogenated sugar processed with acetone
    Vitamin D Nutritional yeast Irradiated animal fat/cattle brains or solvently extracted
    Vitamin E Rice, vegetable oils Trimethylhydroquinone with isophytol; refined oils
    Vitamin H Nutritional yeast, rice bran Biosynthetically produced
    Vitamin K Cabbage Coal tar derivative; produced with p-allelic-nickel

    (Dr. Robert J. Thiel, Ph.D., N.M.D., “The Truth About Vitamins in Supplements”, American Naturopathic Medical Association Monitor, June 2003, vol. 7 No. 2#)

    Although inappropriately absent from the Washington Post article, The JAMA article about vitamins stated that vitamins and antioxidants are needed and that they should be consumed from living sources like fruits and vegetables. I believe that there is a basic law of nature that says “when it comes to the acquisition and absorption of nutrition in humans, we must receive it from plants like corn, lettuce, apples, etc.”. As a wise person once said, “To try to sidestep that law is to imperil our health. We cannot take a shovel full of dirt and create a tomato; no one can; only nature through God can do that”.  Unfortunately, there are “vitamin” companies that do just that; with permission from our government! As a doctor of chiropractic, I believe that this is very wrong!   (A number of these vitamins you and I have known about through advertising since we were small children; can you think of a few?)

    Synthetic vitamins lack the specific keys needed to unlock the vitamin’s potential (unless synthetically added back by the laboratory). These keys are called co-factors. Your body needs these co-factors for the vitamin to work properly. Therefore, your body must rob these co-factors from wherever it may find them in stored in your body. This leads to depletion of other essential nutrients from your body. Synthetic vitamins act as potential toxins; just as drugs do. As a result, the body must detoxify the body of these “toxins” through the liver and kidneys. Thus, any positive benefits from vitamin supplementation are lost. Your chiropractor can note this whenever you have spinal subluxations with tenderness. We have learned that synthetic vitamins like A, B, C & E are “created” in labs.  Most B vitamins are synthesized from coal tar (Google it).  Most ascorbic acid or synthetic vitamin C is made by fermenting corn sugar into sorbitol, hydrogenation and adding acetone (i.e. nail polish remover). Nasty sounding; is it not?

    How do you recognize if you have synthetic B vitamins instead of whole food vitamins? Look at the dosage of each of the B vitamins. Are they in the 200, 500, 1000, 2000% range of RDA? These are toxic levels! Also, look at their names. For example, in the synthetic “coal tar” based B complex, vitamin B1 will be called thiamin mononitrate or thiamin HCL (hydrochloride),  Refer to the chart above and see if your vitamin contains any or most of the chemicals listed. Finally, see your doctor of chiropractic today for advise and assistance .

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