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  • I need to be a better chiropractor

  • I know that I need to be a better chiropractor. Every chiropractor needs to be “a better chiropractor”.

    in 1987 I began my chiropractic career at the intersection of Stapley and Broadway in Mesa AZ. That was 23 years ago. So much has changed in health care and in chiropractic since then. Back in 1987, our President of the United States was Ronald Reagan. We were entering into a strong recession here in Mesa AZ as the Savings and Loan industry was under collapse. There was an over construction of commercial real estate and housing. The HMO industry was just getting off the ground with its promises of lower health care costs but delivering, instead, poor service.

    Although there was a brief recovery, by 1990 we were again in a national recession. historians believe that this was impart due to the raising of taxes (“Read my lips. No new taxes!” – George H.W.Bush) does history repeat itself?

    Becoming a new Mesa AZ chiropractor  would have seemed daunting for most, but I was anxious to make a difference. Fast forward to today. I am a seasoned doctor of chiropractic now. I still practice here in Mesa AZ but at a different location. I have learned many new chiropractic techniques and procedures. Chiropractic therapy has evolved too. My knowledge of “all things chiropractic” has improved. So, I ask you Am I a better chiropractor now than in 1987? Will I and can I be a better chiropractor 10 years from now?

    I love serving others through chiropractic. And, I want to continue to do so. I want to be your chiropractor; now and until I retire!

    Despite all of the changes in the economy and in health care, I know that can become a better chiropractor: for you. What is it that you want in a good chiropractor? I am hoping that some of you will take the time to comment directly on this blog and tell me what it is that you believe I and all chiropractors need, to serve you better. Will you do that for me? I am hoping that I can use your comments to “BETTER” myself.

    I welcome your responses.

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