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  • How I treat Fibromyalgia

  • Primary fibromyalgia (FM) is the idiopathic or “cause unknown” form of FM.  Doctors and scientists have been researching this illness now for many years and concur that the exact cause may never be determined. In my chiropractic clinic located in Mesa, AZ, I have personally found that I can categorize many potential “causes” that begin the FM process. Now, I am not saying that I can identify the cause of one’s primary fibromyalgia. I cannot!

    Let me make my point very clear. With a very thorough history and examination, I am most often able to find a dominant form or category (among the multiplicity of possible “causes”) of fibromyalgia. What is meant here is that despite the lack of positive blood or other lab results, a person’s fibromyalgia can sometimes be traced back to, or near, a period of:

    • Illness (infectious)
    • Injury (traumatic)
    • Physiological changes like sleep abnormalities or endometriosis,  (hormonal)
    • Digestive disorders (digestive)
    • Malnutrition or eating disorders like bulimia (nutritional)
    • Family history, pregnancy or birthing issues (nerve/genetic)
    • Chemical exposure such as pesticides, petroleum and its by-products, vaccines and or fillings (chemical)
    • Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual stress (emotional).

    Several of the patient’s symptoms, her history and the examinational findings will support our placement of the primary fibromyalgia into one of these categories. This list is not necessarily complete and it very well may be changed or improved in the future. Yet the category list serves my patients and me well in helping to formulate a successful treatment protocol.

    I truly hope that this makes perfect since to you the reader. I do not want to imply that I have all of the answers for obviously I do not. But I confidently share my never-ending researching for truth and ideas, my personal and clinical experiences and successful treatment outcomes with you.

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