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  • Do You Have Fibromyalgia Syndrome?

  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome or FMS is a complex disorder that, for many sufferers and doctors alike, can be difficult to understand and for which there may be no cure. Yet many FMS patients have found relief by being treated by their chiropractor. Humbly, I can say that I have both helped and failed to help FMS sufferers for years in my Mesa AZ chiropractic clinic. But recently I learned a valuable lesson that I am convinced will help so many more Fibromyalgia Syndrome patients cope with FMS; perhaps all of them!!

    According to Fibromyalgia-symptoms.org “chiropractic care is becoming increasingly popular among fibromyalgia sufferers because of the pain and stress relief that it offers. It can often provide relief in short periods of time and help you to get back to enjoying life fast. Numerous studies have been conducted analyzing the benefits of chiropractic care in fibromyalgia patients. A 1985 study asked 81 fibromyalgia patients to indicate drug or alternative treatments that best relieved their pain. Chiropractic care treatment scored surprisingly high in this study. Another study examined the effectiveness of spinal manipulation in relieving fibromyalgia symptoms. After just 15 treatments, fibromyalgia patients suffered from less pain and fatigue, and actually enjoyed better sleep quality.

    Chiropractic treatment has helped many people by reducing fibromyalgia symptoms and improving the quality of living.

    Did you know that Fibromyalgia Syndrome was not recognized by the American Medical Association as a diagnosis until 1987? Tell that to the FMS sufferer! Still to this day there are some old fashioned doctors that believe that Fibromyalgia is a bogus illness.  Instead, they believe that the symptoms come from emotional or psychological causes; sad, but true.

    But there is hope. (You may want to read this woman’s account of her battle with FMS. Go to:http://www.fibromyalgiahope.com/fibromyalgia-and-chiropractor.html

    There is advancing research suggesting that fibromyalgia Syndrome is a disorder originating in the central nervous system. This is where chiropractic has an advantage point. Because chiropractic is based on the theory that your health is controlled by your central nervous system, as a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist, I am skilled at helping patients reduce their symptoms.

    So how do I treat Fibromyalgia Syndrome? In three powerful ways!

    First, as your chiropractor here in beautiful Mesa AZ, I will make adjustments to your neck and spine. Adjusting is done using my hands and/or  instruments in a gentle fashion. The goal of these adjustments is to correct misalignment of the spine. Once the spine is properly aligned, your pain and tenderness, not just the spine and neck, should reduce or disappear altogether. When pain is eliminated or significantly reduced many FMS and other health related problems disappear.

    Next, as your chiropractor here in beautiful Mesa AZ, I will suggest changes to your diet, lifestyle, and sleep to improve your overall health and well-being.

    And finally, As your chiropractor here in beautiful Mesa AZ, I am going to give you  whole food supplements from Standard Process Labs called Cataplex B and Magnesium Lactate.


    Although technically there is no cure for fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), chiropractic treatment has helped many people by reducing symptoms and improving quality of life. It is good to remember that most health insurance plans cover the cost of treating FMS and chiropractic care (except supplements).

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