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  • Diabetes, Chiropractic, Nutrition – Is there hope for me?

  • How does chiropractic and diabetes having anything in common? Well, they both have just about everything in common. As a chiropractor, (and for every chiropractor for that matter) Diabetes is a problem that brings in hundreds of patients into my chiropractic office every year. For the diabetic, chiropractic care becomes essential. Are you diabetic or know of a diabetic? Then chiropractically speaking, you know that your aches, pains and problems in your spine (and other parts of your body) can be and often are due to diabetic nerve disease or Diabetic Neuropathy.

    Diabetes is one of those diseases that is both subtle and profound. Many people have the disease without even knowing it. But, once it begins its ravenous destruction on the body, treatment becomes challenging. What makes it even more discouraging is the perceived reality that “all I can do for my diabetes is take this pill, exercise and watch what I eat!”

    I am a chiropractic doctor, clinical nutritionist and wellness instructor and I am here to tell you that that thinking is flat out wrong!! Yes, medication, diet and exercise are helpful and important but it is not the only thing you can or should do. My years here in Mesa AZ as a chiropractic physician and clinical nutritionist have helped me to view Diabetes as a treatable illness. The first thing that I will do as your chiropractor (with perhaps the additional help of your medical doctor and / or a dietitian) is determine if your Diabetes is causing nerve irritation or possible damage. Helping the nerves to function better is what chiropractors do best. But as a chiropractor and a clinical nutritionist, I will need to take it a step further. I know of a few techniques and nutritional products that have been found to significantly support the nerves of your body. As a chiropractic doctor, clinical nutritionist and a wellness instructor, I will then guide you through helpful “tips” to minimize the effects of Diabetes.

    I will recommend a few things here that may help you as it has helped many of my patients.

    Diabetes Recovery

    1. Avoid bread, rolls, chips, tortillas, pasta or sweets.
    2. Avoid milk.
    3. Exercise. Use whatever or every body part you can.
    4. Take The following nutrients from Standard Process:
      1. Diaplex (3X3daily with meals)
      2. Cataplex GTF (2×3 daily with meals)
      3. Min-Tran (3X3 daily with meals)
      4. Cardio-Plus (3X3 daily with meals)
      5. Cataplex B (2X3 daily with meals
      6. Tuna Omega-3 (1X3 daily with meals)
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