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  • Combating Insomnia

  • Insomnia

    Self-care for insomnia can be approached in a number of ways—but it can be hard to know just where to start. To make it easier, I recommend trying these simple steps first:

    • Create a restful place to sleep.
      • Remove or block noise, light, and other distractions, and make sure your mattress (quality is essential) and pillow (Therapeutica) are comfortable for you.
    • Cut out the use of coffee, tea or caffeinated drinks of all kind. (Decaf still has caffeine!)
    • Avoid Cold medications with Ephedrine or pseudo- ephedrine.
    • Learn to relax. Use bio-feedback.
      • Relaxation tapes and other self-help tools or a counselor experienced in treating insomnia can help you let go of tension.
    • Use 300 to 600 mg of a concentrated root extract 30 minutes before bedtime of Valerian Root, 6 tablets of Min-Tran, 2 tablets of Folic Acid-B12 and 3.0 mg, one to two hours before bedtime, of melatonin (NOT IF YOU TAKE MAO INHIBITORS!) combined.
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