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  • Chiropractor in Mesa, AZ discusses Auto Accidents

  • It is going to happen to you; it may have already! One way or another you need to know and be prepared for the inevitable: the auto accident!

    The Symptoms associated with an auto accident can vary significantly. Much can be said of how and where your car is struck, how fast both cars are going, where you are seated, and so much more. Rear-end collisions can result in a number of symptoms as well, and some of them can be difficult to diagnose.  Seeking help from an auto accident professional (Mesa, AZ Chiropractor) is essential to recovery.

    Automobile accidents will usually cause injury to the ligaments, joints, nerves, and blood vessels of the neck and / or the low back. Often the term whiplash is used to describe injury to the neck. Whiplash injuries are unique unto themselves and required careful and specific treatment protocols to proper heal. Long-term problems that could lead to disability often occur when whiplash is left untreated.

    Whiplash occurs when the body reacts to a rapid change in speed; as in a rear-end collision. The neck violently goes into a hyper-flexion and hyperextension.
    The injury to the neck in a whiplash is in part due to the muscles tensing during the collision, causing tears to occur in the muscle.
    However, these muscles do not having enough time to tense up sufficiently to brace the neck properly. This causes the ligaments to tear as well.  Ligament and muscle tears cause pain. Pain from the whiplash may be a stiff neck and may go down one or both arms.
    Relief for the simple cases of whiplash can be found with chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, home care and, if needed, pain medication.

    In more severe cases of whiplash persistent pain can lass for a month and half or more! This may indicate that more extensive damage occurred in the spinal nerves. Whiplash can also lead to disc herniation in the neck or back the back.

    Other symptoms from a car accident may include radiating pain into the shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand, low back pain, headaches and more.

    Children too can be injured in car accidents. The same damage that occurs in adults can occur in children of all ages. However, children may perceive their pain differently than adults. They may complain of tiredness or headaches or become extra cranky. They may have difficulty sleeping or being held. If you have a child that is involved in an accident do not deny him /her proper care – go to the chiropractor!

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