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  • Chiropractic or Aspirin?

  • Chiropractic or aspirin?

    OK, I am a chiropractor and I am obviously biased toward chiropractic. But I hope to some how show the world that chiropractic care is better for you than the miracle drug, aspirin. I need to begin by asking you to consider your health on a long and short term basis. Also, you will need to decide if money is more important than health; at least for the chiropractic vs. aspirin argument.

    Aspirin has again been promoted as the miracle drug to cure almost anything. Recently, it was suggested that it may help prevent certain cancers. We have all heard of its importance for preventing strokes and heart attacks. However, that theory has come under fire. Aspirin seems to be good for headaches, right? But yet there are so many aspirin alternatives on the market and in prescription strength! Why is that?

    Chiropractic has been proven to stop many forms of headaches, just ask a chiropractic patient or a chiropractor! I know I have told my patients this in my Mesa AZ Chiropractic clinic this hundreds of times. Sometimes it requires more than just one chiropractic adjustment but it usually stops and / or controls headaches.

    Can chiropractic prevent stroke and or heart attacks? Well, I cannot tell you for sure that it does but chiropractic has been shown to reduce blood pressure, and that helps to prevent strokes. Also, your chiropractor will often make heart healthy suggestions that can make a big difference in the cardiovascular disease fight.

    Chiropractic does not cure cancer. But can it prevent cancer? This has been debated by chiropractic colleges, chiropractors, medical doctors and scientists for years. But is it not interesting that there is even a debate about it? In theory, the nervous system controls the endocrine system which controls the production of the cancer fighting cells known as Killer T – cells). So, stimulating normal nerve flow by receiving a chiropractic adjustment just may improve your chances to prevent cancer.

    So is going to a chiropractor better than using aspirin for you health? If you ask me, a chiropractor, I am going to tell you yes. If you ask the drug manufactures they will tell you to buy more aspirin. Truth is, the drug manufacturers are winning the debate as far as the public is concerned. But when your aspirin – a – day begins to irritate your stomach and you find that it is not doing its job at making you healthier, will you please give a humble, yet really good chiropractor a try and visit me at my Mesa AZ Chiropractic clinic instead?

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