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  • Can a Mesa AZ Chiropractor cure headaches and neck pain?

  • Can a Mesa AZ Chiropractor cure headaches and neck pain?

    I am very proud of my chiropractic profession. The roots of chiropractic go way back to before the turn of the century. Chiropractors have been taught from the beginning that the human body is the greatest of all of God’s creation. It is truly an incredible bio machine. However, the human body has its weaknesses; like headaches and neck pain.

    There are many reasons why you have headaches and neck pain. But there is one reason that is missed most often by chiropractors and doctors alike.

    I had a chiropractic patient a few years ago that was a dentist by trade. He was by all appearances very healthy but he had a chronic, reoccurring problem with headaches and neck pain. Thomas was 43 years old and worked 30 plus hours a week. He spent quality time with his family and himself; playing golf. He maintained a healthy weight but could not get rid of his headaches and neck pain. He tried medicines, physical therapy and massage. He always felt better after their uses but…the problem would return in a day or two.

    As a Mesa AZ chiropractor practicing near his office, Thomas decided to give chiropractic a try for the first time. He had never before visited a chiropractor and was not even sure what chiropractors did to help people. All Thomas new was that if chiropractic medicine was the cure for his pain, he would shout it to the world!

    Was chiropractic the answer? Yes! But it was not his neck that was his problem. After a thorough chiropractic exam, including X-rays, it was revealed that Thomas had a healthy cervical (neck) spine. What was the problem then? It was his JAW! Yes, my dentist friend failed to recognize that he had a problem with his Temporomandibular joint or TMJD for short. His question to me was “can chiropractic really help with TMJD?”

    Although a little shocked that a chiropractor would both diagnose and treat TMJD, Thomas was willing to “give it a go”. He was glad he did. Thomas’ TMJD related headaches and neck pain ceased within two weeks and his recovery was near miraculous to him. Chiropractic worked for him and chiropractic will work for you too.

    I developed a chiropractic treatment several years ago for TMJD. I have found the treatment very successful for headaches and neck pain caused by TMJD. Yet, TMJD is not the only thing that causes headaches and neck pain. You must consider chiropractic medicine for all of your health needs. Don’t be a “Doubting Thomas”. If you are suffering from and type of pain please come by my Mesa AZ Chiropractic clinic today.

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