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  • Are you going to vaccinate?

  • When the discussion of vaccines comes up in my Mesa AZ chiropractic clinic I notice a great deal of anxiety from my patients. As chiropractic patients, most are well educated and concerned about their health which includes whether or not vaccines are necessary or if they could cause more harm than good.

    As a scientist, educator and after 22 years of heavy research, clinical practice and personal prayer, my answer to you needs to be yes. Yes, you should vaccinate your child and yourself (as you would your pet) for the most common diseases you will be exposed to in everyday life.

    As a Chiropractor I know that this is controversial but if you give me a few minutes of your time I will explain why and how I believe this should be done.

    We recently adopted two cute Maltese puppies.  We wanted them to grow up healthy and free from Parvo, heartworm and kennel cough so we had them vaccinated for these deadly illnesses. Most pet owners. Loving as they are, will vaccinate their pets. Veterinarians’ seldom if ever see side effects, serious or otherwise, associated with vaccinations.

    On the other hand, human vaccines have been associated with mild to serious side effects; for example Autism. Now, many childhood vaccines are requiring boosters too. So, why risk vaccinating your child?

    Polio, Small Pox, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, rubella, Whooping Cough – they all have something very much in common: pain and possible death. Chiropractic adjustments will not cure you of these diseases!

    So how do you make the choice to vaccinate? As a doctor of chiropractic, I have found safe and useful means necessary to minimize the risk of vaccine side effects. First, according to the American Pediatric Association, never allow a child (or an adult for that matter) to be vaccinated when ill. Even a small sniffle could indicate that the immune system is compromised. This is believed to be the number one cause for vaccine induced Autism.

    There are many factors that influence immunity: Are you getting enough sleep? Our genetics, environmental stressors (food, temperature, emotions) and diet (sugar can suppress the immune system and the amounts of raw fruits/vegetables we eat is important) are big factors. The strength of the virus, fungus, parasite or bacteria is relevant. How often do you wash your hands? Are you exposed to infections in the work place? Are you taking supplements, including immune support? All these things can affect our immune system. Therefore, strengthen your immune system first before vaccinating.

    Now, you may be asking about the mercury in vaccines and its toxicity. Thimerisole is the preservative added to most vaccines to lengthen shelf life. My answer for that is to ask your doctor to give you vaccines that do not contain Thimerisole. They do make them and they are readily available. If your doctor does not use them, ask them to or find a new doctor.

    Lastly, I use, in my Mesa AZ chiropractic clinic, two products from Standard Process Labs to neutralize the negative components found in vaccines. These are both inexpensive and safe to use with medications; including vaccines.

    There are some vaccines administered that are probably (or may be) unnecessary too, so you need to study the subject thoroughly before making your final decision. I do not believe that anyone person or any one organization should force or manipulate you to get vaccines; for your child or yourself. Your decision to vaccinate or not is strictly up to you. Just know that there is a lot of propaganda out there and that the truth lies somewhere in between.

    I would never place judgment either way on your decision. However, because there are important ways to make the vaccine experience safer I feel it’s my responsibility, as your chiropractor to educate you as much as possible,

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