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  • Are Steam Rooms Good for You?

  • Are Steam Rooms Good for You?

    There are many health benefits to sitting in a steam room.  The most commonly  known benefit is cleansing of the skin which is the biggest organ in the body.  Heavy sweating cleanses the skin more than soap and water because the pores are opened widely and the heavy sweating flushes dead cells and infection away from the skin. The increase in oxygen brings new cells to the surface and makes for a healthy glow of the skin.  Many dermatologists also believe that steam rooms can help with acne that is caused by bacteria due to its cleansing affects. Some estimates have been made that perspiration can lead to a 30% elimination of body wastes.

    Other benefits of the steam room include:

    • relief from muscle soreness/muscle relaxation (your doctor of chiropractic likes this one!)
    • relief from stiff joints
    • immune system enhancement
    • lymph detoxification
    • blood circulation improvement
    • sinus congestion relief
    • hydrating the skin
    • promoting antibody production
    • relieving the discomfort of asthma, allergies and arthritis
    • reducing stress and the appearance of wrinkles
    • relaxing and soothing mind & body
    • increasing body metabolism, and calorie consumption
    • relieving inflammation and congestion of upper respiratory mucous membranes
    • helping in the treatment of cancer
    • helping fight against HIV
    • aiding against cellulite

    As a doctor of chiropractic I try to practice what I preach and personally sit in a steam room for up to 20 minutes per day to relieve stress. The steam room is a perfect compliment to a lifestyle that includes proper diet, exercise, and REGULAR Chiropractic Care. Ten minutes per day in a steam room along with 30 minutes of physical activity can drastically improve your life.  You will feel better if you sit in a steam room every day and also exercise. Make a chiropractic appointment today at Lee Family Chiropractic to improve your life and to discuss your health goals. (www.leechiropracticaz.com).

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