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  • “Good Things” That may Make your Fibromyalgia Pain Worse!

  • “Good Things” That may Make your Fibromyalgia Pain Worse!

    Are you aware that there are many things that can make your fibromyalgia pain much worse? Many of these are recommended regularly by medical doctors, chiropractors, therapists and through the media. I have listed some of those “good things” that have the potential to make your fibromyalgia pain worse. You will note that I put quotations around “good things”. I do this because there are certain drugs that I personally feel are severely over prescribed and are known to cause serious muscle illness and possible destruction. So I will begin by listing the drugs first.

    Cholesterol lowering drugs, or Statins (Lipitor, lovastatin, Lopid, etc.) as they are called, are perhaps the biggest culprit of all! About 30 years ago, when it became the medical opinion that cholesterol was the cause of heart disease, accepted cholesterol levels was any number less than 240. After the Cholesterol Consensus Conference of 1984, anyone with cholesterol greater than 200 was now candidate for medication.  The panel of medical experts consisted of eight doctors who worked for the drug industry and one that did not. Since then the accepted level has dropped to 180. Here is the dilemma. You medical doctor is obligated to warn you if anything is considered “high” on your lab work. And, he must also recommend a treatment for the problem when there is an “accepted” treatment. Thus, your doctor now has to give you a drug that is known to potentially cause serious muscle weakness and / or injury when 30 years ago you would have been fine. Can you guess who really benefits from these lower levels? (Hint: it is not the doctor nor the patient!) And this is very important to note: when these drugs are used in combination with niacin or other statin medications, the risk of muscle injury dramatically increases to one person out of every 20!

    Other medications too can cause fibromyalgia muscle pain and weakness to worsen. Ulcer medications like Tagamet, HPV vaccines, corticosteroids, NSAID’s, and certain antibiotics are known to cause muscle weakness and for someone with fibromyalgia, that is never good. This is one good reason to use a chiropractor who understands fibromyalgia and uses nutrition for healing.

    There are certain foods or vitamin supplements that can cause fibromyalgia pain and weakness too. For example, too much calcium or improper calcium utilization can cause problems with the muscles. This means that if you take too much magnesium you may be at risk of worsening your fibromyalgia and every person with fibromyalgia knows how magnesium is a must for fibromyalgia. In addition, oxalic acid, which is present in too-large amounts in spinach, rhubarb, beets and beet greens, Swiss chard and chocolate weaken calcium’s ability to work in the body.

    A low sodium diet is also known to produce muscle weakness. Has you doctor ask you to cut back on sodium?

    The lack of Vitamin D may produce fibromyalgia pain and weakness. If you take laxatives, this may significantly reduce Vitamin D stores in your body.as your doctor told to to cut back on sodium

    These are but a few things to consider when you are fighting the good fight with fibromyalgia. It is best to receive advice and counsel from your chiropractor, medical doctor and fibromyalgia groups who truly understand what fibromyalgia is and the multiple contributors to it’s flare-ups.


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