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  • Why I Practice in Mesa AZ as a Doctor of Chiropractic

  • For many of you growing up in Mesa AZ you know what I mean when I say the “only constant in life is change” (Hurclitus). My family first moved to Mesa when I was only a year old. At the time the population of Mesa AZ was less than 34,000. Back then we called it our “little town”. Now it is more than ten times that figure. My dad was a math teacher and was hired to work at Mesa High School. My mother became a nurse and worked at the old Mesa Southside Hospital. Later she worked for Mesa Pediatrics and Doctor Brown, Doctor Kerr and Doctor Schwartz.

    While attended Mesa Community College I decided that I wanted to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. There are no Chiropractic colleges in Arizona so I attended chiropractic school in Southern California. Before entering chiropractic school I believe that there was but a small handful of chiropractors (doctor of chiropractic) in Mesa AZ. (Do you remember Doctor Freestone, Doctor Harper or Doctor LaBaron?) After graduation and receiving my chiropractic license the number of chiropractors grew substantially! I think that today there are over 300 chiropractors in Mesa AZ alone (but that is just a guess).

    I began practicing as a doctor of chiropractic on Stapley and Southern. Then I moved to Lindsay and Broadway, then Lindsay and Main. I love being a chiropractor and having my chiropractic clinic in the heart of Mesa.

    Mesa has changed a lot since then. It has been over 22 years now and my beloved Mesa has experienced its share of growing pains. I know that those city government leaders, past and present, have and do give so much to the advancement of our “little town” I  thank them all for their service and wish them the very best as they continue to help Mesa AZ be the best “little town” in Arizona.

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