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  • It has been said that to make a difference in the world, you need to begin with yourself. As I begin to write this post I do so not knowing exactly what it is that I want or need to say.

    I too often look at the future of this great country with discouragement and fear. I feel that I can no longer trust in my government. Insurance companies have tried for years to eliminate my profession and they have tremendous power to do so. The economy is so fragile due to poor, ill-conceived government programs,  policies and politics. And,  I have made way too many poor economical decisions too!  The more I read, study and learn the more discouraged I become. The irony to this is that it is not in my nature to be so pessimistic. Where did my faith and hope go? There lies my dilemma.

    It has dawned on me that my problem, and its solution, was within me. I want to blame others; but I cannot! The scripture says “If ye are prepared ye need not fear.” Fear is the antithesis of faith. I know that I have not prepared myself sufficiently in spiritual, physical and financial ways.

    All of my life I have “believed”. I still do. But I have not trusted in Him thoroughly. I have lacked faith in the One being that can and will “make all things possible”. Now I know what I must do. I have lived long enough to realize that change will come whether I wish it too; or not. However, if I wish to have things better for my patients, students, friends, family and me it must begin with me; only me.

    It is not the government’s responsibility to make my life better. It is not my neighbor’s responsibility. It is not my wife’s responsibility either. To believe this way is to create excuses for failure. It is mine and mine alone.

    So,today I pledge to trust in Him. Today I take charge of my future. Today I am making life’s decisions that are based on Faith, Hope and Charity. Today I make a difference in the world by making change within myself!

    Join me, won’t you?!

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