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  • This morning my life was changed by a rose!

  • This morning my life was changed by a rose

    As my heart was then softened from stone,

    I felt of her kindness, her meekness and love,

    No longer did I feel alone.

    She shared with me her beauty within, her color of radiant Light.

    I yet marvel how she could change my hard heart

    From sorrow to peaceful delight!

    It was not with a word or duty or call, it was the way that she lived each day,

    She simply with all, shares all that she has. So simple yet surely the way!

    Can I learn from my rose to share what I have without motive or price to pay?

    Will I soften a heart or comfort a soul with kindness and love today?

    Your heart can be strengthened, mended and whole from your rose of radiant Light.

    Now is the time and this is the place. Too, your hard heart can feel peaceful delight.

    This morning my life was changed by a rose. I hope that you soon will see;

    That your life can also be changed by a rose the way that she simply changed me.

    Mark E. Lee Nov2010

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