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  • The Spirit of True Thanksgiving!

  • Thankfulness; it is that feeling that we have when something special or important touches our hearts, our lives. But recently I learned a lesson about thankfulness and its more mature brother, gratitude. May I share it with you?

    Is there a difference between thankfulness and gratitude? I believe that there is. As I mentioned earlier, thankfulness is a feeling that we have when something special or important touches us positively. But gratitude is much more than thankfulness. Gratitude is taking thankfulness and doing something with it. For example, you may be thankful to the bank teller that is polite and kind versus the teller that is course and grumpy. Yet with gratitude, you take that thankfulness that you feel and do something with it. Perhaps you ask for the branch manager then precede to tell both of them how grateful you are for the polite and kind manner of the bank Teller. Do you see the difference?

    It has been said in many different ways that gratitude is an attitude, and that it is. But an attitude does not necessary encourage action. If you really want to show gratitude then go do something with it! When was the last time you shared gratitude with your spouse or children? How about your clients or employees? Take a moment right now to make a short list of those that you are truly thankful for, then write down a thought or idea of something that you can do to show those on your short list how much they really do mean to you.

    I am thankful for and to you; my family and friends. My life would be lonely and misdirected without each of you. I hope that you will agree that we must all work a little harder to be more grateful as we feel thankful.

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