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  • A Lesson in Illness

  • My dear wife and I recently returned from the ENT specialist for an exam on my left ear. Just a week earlier, my very thorough family doctor discovered a large discolored mass growing in my middle ear. He did not diagnose it but he shared his concern that it looked (although rare in the middle ear) like melanoma. Mind you, he did not suggest that it was melanoma but that it was indeed abnormal and needed to be examined further thus, our visit to the specialist.

    As a chiropractor, I knew more than I cared to know. This was a problem that chiropractic could not fix.

    What I am about to share is not a chiropractic or medical success story, this is a story about faith, prayer and happiness.

    As a result of many loving and heartfelt prayers, our faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ, and by the loving grace of this kind and all powerful God, the mass was gone when the specialist examined me. I have learned and re-learned some valuable lessons from this experience I wish to share.

    Although everyone of us have, have had or will have an illness that will take us by surprise, the challenge is in dealing with it. Learning to be happy amidst fear and concern is difficult at best. Yet if we fail to enjoy life’s experiences we fail to enjoy life. So how do we find joy when ill?

    I do not know the answer for you perhaps, but I do know what works for me. I want to be able to look my wife and my children in the eye and let them see that their husband and father loves them; and no level of fear or concern can push away my love for them. Because I love them I want to share my best emotions and feelings with them. Happiness and peace are the emotions I enjoy the most. When I become self centered and selfish I fail to acknowledge the feelings of my loved ones. When this happens, I become more frightened and more concerned; I lose my happiness. However, when my focus is on them instead of me I feel joyful. It was not a chiropractic adjustment that I need but an attitude adjustment.

    That is my secret. It really isn’t anything new though is it? The Lord has taught this Himself and to His prophets since man began.

    Live, love, learn.

    (Dr. Mark E. Lee is a chiropractic physician practicing in Mesa, AZ. His chiropractic office is located at 116 N. Lindsay Rd. Suite # 7, Mesa, AZ 85213.)

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