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This morning my life was changed by a rose!

This morning my life was changed by a rose

As my heart was then softened from stone,

I felt of her kindness, her meekness and love,

No longer did I feel alone.

She shared with me her beauty within, her color of radiant Light.

I yet marvel how she could change my hard heart

From sorrow to peaceful delight!

It was not with a word or duty or call, it was the way that she lived each day,

She simply with all, shares all that she has. So simple yet surely the way!

Can I learn from my rose to share what I have without motive or price to pay?

Will I soften a heart or comfort a soul with kindness and love today?

Your heart can be strengthened, mended and whole from your rose of radiant Light.

Now is the time and this is the place. Too, your hard heart can feel peaceful delight.

This morning my life was changed by a rose. I hope that you soon will see;

That your life can also be changed by a rose the way that she simply changed me.

Mark E. Lee Nov2010


Can a Mesa AZ Chiropractor cure headaches and neck pain?

Can a Mesa AZ Chiropractor cure headaches and neck pain?

I am very proud of my chiropractic profession. The roots of chiropractic go way back to before the turn of the century. Chiropractors have been taught from the beginning that the human body is the greatest of all of God’s creation. It is truly an incredible bio machine. However, the human body has its weaknesses; like headaches and neck pain.

There are many reasons why you have headaches and neck pain. But there is one reason that is missed most often by chiropractors and doctors alike.

I had a chiropractic patient a few years ago that was a dentist by trade. He was by all appearances very healthy but he had a chronic, reoccurring problem with headaches and neck pain. Thomas was 43 years old and worked 30 plus hours a week. He spent quality time with his family and himself; playing golf. He maintained a healthy weight but could not get rid of his headaches and neck pain. He tried medicines, physical therapy and massage. He always felt better after their uses but…the problem would return in a day or two.

As a Mesa AZ chiropractor practicing near his office, Thomas decided to give chiropractic a try for the first time. He had never before visited a chiropractor and was not even sure what chiropractors did to help people. All Thomas new was that if chiropractic medicine was the cure for his pain, he would shout it to the world!

Was chiropractic the answer? Yes! But it was not his neck that was his problem. After a thorough chiropractic exam, including X-rays, it was revealed that Thomas had a healthy cervical (neck) spine. What was the problem then? It was his JAW! Yes, my dentist friend failed to recognize that he had a problem with his Temporomandibular joint or TMJD for short. His question to me was “can chiropractic really help with TMJD?”

Although a little shocked that a chiropractor would both diagnose and treat TMJD, Thomas was willing to “give it a go”. He was glad he did. Thomas’ TMJD related headaches and neck pain ceased within two weeks and his recovery was near miraculous to him. Chiropractic worked for him and chiropractic will work for you too.

I developed a chiropractic treatment several years ago for TMJD. I have found the treatment very successful for headaches and neck pain caused by TMJD. Yet, TMJD is not the only thing that causes headaches and neck pain. You must consider chiropractic medicine for all of your health needs. Don’t be a “Doubting Thomas”. If you are suffering from and type of pain please come by my Mesa AZ Chiropractic clinic today.


The Effects of Stress! How bad is it?

Stress; it is something that we all experience but, are you coping with it well? As a Mesa, AZ chiropractor I see dozens of chiropractic patients with ailments that can be traced back to stress in almost every instance. As a health and wellness instructor and a chiropractor I have learned that no one is immune to the effects of stress; even a chiropractor.

Stress is defined as any condition or event that we perceive to challenge or threaten us. Some stressors for example would be moving to a new place, paying bills, losing a love one or a job, an unkind and demanding boss or being pulled over by the Mesa, AZ police. You do not have to be a chiropractor to know that stress affects you.

I teach health and wellness classes to hundreds of students every year. The subject of stress is mentioned in every class. Two questions I pose to my students are:

1. What are the physical changes associated with frequent or severe stress? How might stress affect the cardiovascular, immune, and digestive systems?

2.  Explain how stressful events might affect physiological health. What are the factors that contribute to post-traumatic stress disorder?

Stress is increasingly becoming the number one cause of illness today. Chances are you worry about the environment, political instability, the economy, your own job or business or your retirement income; even in Mesa, AZ! You also feel the stress of others in your life. This feeling of stress increases the body’s use of vital hormones, minerals and vitamins. Protein from muscle is often broken down to provide essential amino acids to other areas of the body.

If you have noticed a loss of energy, a feeling of anxiety or melancholy, female or male hormonal irregularities or if you are beginning to experience more illnesses, you are very likely suffering from the effects of stress.

Stress also affects you internally. It causes your heart rate and blood pressure to increase, increasing the risk of blood clots. Stress causes your breathing to quicken producing acidosis. This can lead to muscle stiffness. (As a chiropractor, I see this a lot with my chiropractic patients.) The blood supply to your digestion system is decreased leading to poor digestion and other digestive disorders. Your urine production will go down increasing the stress on your kidneys.

Unfortunately, I have witnessed a dramatic increase of these and similar symptoms with my Mesa, AZ chiropractic patients and from comments made by my students in my various nutrition classes throughout the US.

So what can be done to control the negative effects of stress?

1. Can chiropractic care help? Yes it can! As I have mentioned, my chiropractic clinic is filled with patients with stress related illnesses that we help every day!

2. Can nutrition help? Why, of course! Nutrition is vital to healing and maintaining the human body.

3. What about exercise? Absolutely! 30 minutes per day, three days a week has a positive effect on the heart, lungs, blood vessels, adrenals and immune system.

4. Will prayer or meditation be useful? I would say that this help is perhaps the most important but least utilized.

In conclusion, whether or not you live here in Mesa, AZ, or have gone to a chiropractor before, you need to consider chiropractic care. Find a chiropractor that understands clinical nutrition too. Live your life with happiness. Love others as you would want to loved. Learn how to do your best and be your best.


Mesa AZ Chiropractor and talk about Natural Remedies recently shared some very common natural remedies for pain. As a doctor of chiropractic I have used natural remedies for years in my Mesa, AZ chiropractic clinic. Natural remedies are often precursors to conventional medicines any way. For example aspirin is the derivative of willow bark and valium from valerian root.

Speaking as a chiropractor and as a clinical nutritionist I am pleased to see the media recognize value when it sees it. Way back when, as a young chiropractic student, I recall learning a little anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology and nutrition. To this day I am amazed at how the human body utilizes millions, if not trillions of tiny molecules made up of chemicals to function, survive. Give the body what it needs and let it do the rest.

Here is the list that recommends for pain:

  1. Drink water
  2. Caffeine
  3. Fish Oil
  4. Eat Ginger or Take Ginger Capsules
  5. Willowbark
  6. Hops

(You can read the article in its entirety by clicking this link.)

Does your doctor recommend these or other foods to help you with pain? Most chiropractic doctors, believe it or not, don’t. Medical doctors probably do not either. Now, I would not necessarily recommend some of these items on the list either but using nutrition to heal the body makes since, doesn’t it?

Go see your Chiropractor today!


What can I do for the Cold and Flu Season?

What can I do for the Cold and Flu Season? This is an important and often asked question. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Clinical Nutritionist and educator I am frequently asked, in my Mesa AZ chiropractic office and in the classroom of ways we can avoid getting sick. Doctors and chiropractors all over the United States are gearing up for the season. Like most viruses, the Swine Flu caught most Doctors and experts off guard last year. Last year there was not enough vaccine to go around. Yet we discovered later that that was not a problem. But this year, the Government and national drug store chains are touting the H1N1 (Swine Flu) vaccine as readily available. This year there is plenty of vaccine available for last year’s H1N1. Hum! Does that make sense?

As your chiropractor, I felt it important to share my thoughts and feelings regarding the Swine Flu and its vaccine. So, when you ask yourself  “What can I do for the Cold and Flu Season?” it is my hope this post will be of some value to you.

As I am sure you have heard by now, the Swine Flu, which originated in Mexico, has spread across the entire United States. This was a very aggressive influenza virus that spread rapidly as it was highly contagious. However, this year’s strain will most likely be a variant or mutant of last year’s as most viruses naturally mutate frequently. This means that the vaccine may or not be helpful.

Last year there were some who did require hospitalization and sadly, the most susceptible among us experienced death. However, that number was statistically small and not much different than the ordinary winter flu. The Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Homeland Security planned for a serious pandemic that could potentially wipe out millions. Gratefully, the high death tolls never happened.

I was taught in high school, college and chiropractic school history, as it pertains to diseases and the masses. Throughout the course of history, there have been numerous incidences of serious, even fatal outbreaks of disease. Some have been nothing more than a “scare”. Many of you can remember the fear of the Swine Flu a few decades ago that never materialized. There was the bird and pig flu too. The H1N1 and its possible variant has caused many to suffer and a few to die.

As I have research this subject a lot I have personally chosen to avoid receiving and recommending this vaccine to most of my chiropractic patients for a number of reasons.

I tell my chiropractic patients and students that there is absolutely no reason to over react; to this or any potential flu outbreak. In fact, you should just use some basic wisdom and common sense to help keep your family and yourself safe and to minimize the effect of this or any illness. Here are but a few things to remember when asking “what can I do for the Cold and Flu Season?”.

Wash your hands frequently. Avoid people who are regularly coughing or sneezing, or that may complain of fever of generalized achiness. If you get sick, stay at home. If you become ill and absolutely must go out, use a surgical mask. This will protect you from becoming infected with another illness due to your own compromised immune system and equally important, it will help minimize the spread of the illness you may carry. Drink plenty of water! I cannot over state this point. Avoid stress and get plenty of sleep.

But most importantly, boost your body’s own ability to fight infection in advance. I am recommending the following for my chiropractic patients, family and myself:

1.      Epimune – 1-2 tablets per 100lbs. twice daily

2.      Congaplex – 1-2 capsules per 100lbs. twice daily

3.      Echinacea-C – 1 tablet per 100lbs. twice daily

My Mesa AZ chiropractic clinic has ordered extra of these supplies for the Cold and Flu season. Tell your friends that they can purchase these as well without being chiropractic patients of mine.

As your chiropractor, I trust you know that it is not my intent to frighten anyone. Because I believe in preparation and prevention it is my desire to pass along my personal insights.

Preparation and prevention is the best medicine.

Dr. Mark E. Lee is a Mesa AZ chiropractor, clinical nutritionist and educator. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him at his email address:, on line at this link or call 480-644-0644.

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