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Chiropractic or Aspirin?

Chiropractic or aspirin?

OK, I am a chiropractor and I am obviously biased toward chiropractic. But I hope to some how show the world that chiropractic care is better for you than the miracle drug, aspirin. I need to begin by asking you to consider your health on a long and short term basis. Also, you will need to decide if money is more important than health; at least for the chiropractic vs. aspirin argument.

Aspirin has again been promoted as the miracle drug to cure almost anything. Recently, it was suggested that it may help prevent certain cancers. We have all heard of its importance for preventing strokes and heart attacks. However, that theory has come under fire. Aspirin seems to be good for headaches, right? But yet there are so many aspirin alternatives on the market and in prescription strength! Why is that?

Chiropractic has been proven to stop many forms of headaches, just ask a chiropractic patient or a chiropractor! I know I have told my patients this in my Mesa AZ Chiropractic clinic this hundreds of times. Sometimes it requires more than just one chiropractic adjustment but it usually stops and / or controls headaches.

Can chiropractic prevent stroke and or heart attacks? Well, I cannot tell you for sure that it does but chiropractic has been shown to reduce blood pressure, and that helps to prevent strokes. Also, your chiropractor will often make heart healthy suggestions that can make a big difference in the cardiovascular disease fight.

Chiropractic does not cure cancer. But can it prevent cancer? This has been debated by chiropractic colleges, chiropractors, medical doctors and scientists for years. But is it not interesting that there is even a debate about it? In theory, the nervous system controls the endocrine system which controls the production of the cancer fighting cells known as Killer T – cells). So, stimulating normal nerve flow by receiving a chiropractic adjustment just may improve your chances to prevent cancer.

So is going to a chiropractor better than using aspirin for you health? If you ask me, a chiropractor, I am going to tell you yes. If you ask the drug manufactures they will tell you to buy more aspirin. Truth is, the drug manufacturers are winning the debate as far as the public is concerned. But when your aspirin – a – day begins to irritate your stomach and you find that it is not doing its job at making you healthier, will you please give a humble, yet really good chiropractor a try and visit me at my Mesa AZ Chiropractic clinic instead?


Sleep: A Chiropractor’s Answer for Back Pain and Other Ailments!

Take a moment to ask yourself if you are really getting a good night’s sleep. In my Mesa, AZ chiropractic clinic this question is asked on the first visit! Your ability to get a full and restful sleep can make all the difference in overcoming back pain and / or other aches and pains. If you have low back pain or other similar ailments like shoulder, neck or muscle pain, your sleep – the way you sleep, how well you sleep, how long you sleep – can influence whether or not you have a speedy and full recovery.

Please take a moment to view this video segment from TeamChiropractic:

I am a chiropractor but I too have a bad “back pain” problem. However, I have learned what to do to keep my back pain under control. First, I believe in chiropractic! I use a chiropractor too! I try to get a chiropractic adjustment from my chiropractor at least once a week. This is critical to my success and most likely will be for you and your back pain. Second, I use a large doggy pillow under my lower legs. When place properly (and it must be to avoid knee problems) this encourages me to sleep longer on my back (the preferred position), reduces the stress on my low back and helps repair the damaged discs, muscles and nerves. Third, I use a quality mattress. There are many good mattresses on the market but if you have chronic back pain, this chiropractor recommends that you get a high quality mattress. Lastly, I need and use a sleep apnea machine to improve breathing and sleep. For me this is essential and may be for you too. Do not ignore the possibility that you have sleep apnea. As a chiropractic physician and low back pain sufferer, I can assure you that sleep apnea can contribute significantly to back pain, muscle aches and pains and other health related illnesses.

Make an appointment to see your chiropractor today if you have back pain. If you live in the Mesa AZ area, please feel free to contact us at our Mesa, AZ chiropractic clinic. But tonight, begin to make the changes to improve the quality of your sleep allowing  you to sleep deeper and better.


The Spirit of True Thanksgiving!

Thankfulness; it is that feeling that we have when something special or important touches our hearts, our lives. But recently I learned a lesson about thankfulness and its more mature brother, gratitude. May I share it with you?

Is there a difference between thankfulness and gratitude? I believe that there is. As I mentioned earlier, thankfulness is a feeling that we have when something special or important touches us positively. But gratitude is much more than thankfulness. Gratitude is taking thankfulness and doing something with it. For example, you may be thankful to the bank teller that is polite and kind versus the teller that is course and grumpy. Yet with gratitude, you take that thankfulness that you feel and do something with it. Perhaps you ask for the branch manager then precede to tell both of them how grateful you are for the polite and kind manner of the bank Teller. Do you see the difference?

It has been said in many different ways that gratitude is an attitude, and that it is. But an attitude does not necessary encourage action. If you really want to show gratitude then go do something with it! When was the last time you shared gratitude with your spouse or children? How about your clients or employees? Take a moment right now to make a short list of those that you are truly thankful for, then write down a thought or idea of something that you can do to show those on your short list how much they really do mean to you.

I am thankful for and to you; my family and friends. My life would be lonely and misdirected without each of you. I hope that you will agree that we must all work a little harder to be more grateful as we feel thankful.


I need to be a better chiropractor

I know that I need to be a better chiropractor. Every chiropractor needs to be “a better chiropractor”.

in 1987 I began my chiropractic career at the intersection of Stapley and Broadway in Mesa AZ. That was 23 years ago. So much has changed in health care and in chiropractic since then. Back in 1987, our President of the United States was Ronald Reagan. We were entering into a strong recession here in Mesa AZ as the Savings and Loan industry was under collapse. There was an over construction of commercial real estate and housing. The HMO industry was just getting off the ground with its promises of lower health care costs but delivering, instead, poor service.

Although there was a brief recovery, by 1990 we were again in a national recession. historians believe that this was impart due to the raising of taxes (“Read my lips. No new taxes!” – George H.W.Bush) does history repeat itself?

Becoming a new Mesa AZ chiropractor  would have seemed daunting for most, but I was anxious to make a difference. Fast forward to today. I am a seasoned doctor of chiropractic now. I still practice here in Mesa AZ but at a different location. I have learned many new chiropractic techniques and procedures. Chiropractic therapy has evolved too. My knowledge of “all things chiropractic” has improved. So, I ask you Am I a better chiropractor now than in 1987? Will I and can I be a better chiropractor 10 years from now?

I love serving others through chiropractic. And, I want to continue to do so. I want to be your chiropractor; now and until I retire!

Despite all of the changes in the economy and in health care, I know that can become a better chiropractor: for you. What is it that you want in a good chiropractor? I am hoping that some of you will take the time to comment directly on this blog and tell me what it is that you believe I and all chiropractors need, to serve you better. Will you do that for me? I am hoping that I can use your comments to “BETTER” myself.

I welcome your responses.


I have Breast Cancer!

“You need to know that, I even though I am a man, I found out that I have Breast Cancer!”

Can you imagine your husband, father, son or brother coming home and announcing this to you? (I will share the story of Peter Devereaux soon.)

As you may know, Chiropractors are also trained in chiropractic schools how to perform breast examinations. However, most of us do not do this in our clinics. I know that in my Mesa AZ chiropractor clinic it has been used sparingly and for teaching purposes only. But again, because breast cancer can refer pain to the shoulder, neck and back, chiropractors should be more aware of this fact. This Mesa AZ chiropractor knows that now!

Peter Devereaux is a 48-year-old Marine from Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in North Carolina and he is a breast cancer survivor. He currently lives in the Boston area and has been on CNN and interviewed by newspapers like the Chicago Tribune. (This information was gathered from the blog of Tami Boehmer @ Please read on:

“My Breast cancer journey started on January 11, 2008. I woke up in the morning with a good-sized lump in my chest as my hand bumped into it. At that point in my life, I had no idea men could get breast cancer.

I contacted my doctor and received a mammogram and ultrasound followed by a core biopsy. The doctor called me to let me know I had an aggressive form of breast cancer. It was the first time I knew I had [a] breast.  

I had mastectomy on my left breast and had 22 lymph nodes removed. They were all cancerous.

I started a 14-month program including chemotherapy, radiation and a clinical trial with the drug Lapatanib. My doctors let me know the severity of the disease and the probability of it coming back were strong.

Thirteen days before my treatments were scheduled to end, I started having shooting pain down my spine. Tests confirmed the cancer had traveled to my spine, rib and my hip.

The average life expectancy for my diagnosis is two to three years, but I will never give up or give in. I am continuing to work on bringing education, awareness and research to male and metastatic breast cancer. I will never give up or give in. I continue to search for a cure.

This whole journey has been humbling to say the least. It’s such a weird deal not only to have cancer, but to also have a women’s cancer. My family and friends bring me constant joy, especially when I see my wife and daughter smiling.”- Peter Devereaux

Male breast cancer does indeed happen. As a doctor of chiropractic and clinical nutritionist, I am grateful to say that I have not had a male chiropractic patient diagnosed with Breast Cancer – yet. However, according to the American Cancer Society, in 2010 about 1,970 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed among men and about 390 of those will die from breast cancer.

Thankfully, organizations like the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure are educating both women and men of this deadly disease. Self examination is the first step to diagnosis. I hope that you will take the time to learn how to do a self examination and then share this article with others so that they too will learn – and live!

I have included this lesson for your use:

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