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  • Dr. Mark E. Lee, B. Sc., D.C.

  • Dr. Mark E. Lee, B.Sc., D.C.

    Dr. Mark E. Lee is a practicing chiropractic physician in the wonderful community of Mesa, Arizona. Dr. Lee has been in clinical practice for over 28 years helping thousands of people become pain and illness free as a Mesa AZ Chiropractor.

    He has a Science degree in Human Biology and a doctorate degree in Chiropractic. He is known for his work with fibromyalgia  in the east valley, is a SRISD trained Auto Accident and TMJ Practitioner and former visiting professor of pathophysiology at Chamberlain College of nursing. Currently Dr. Lee serves as a adjunct faculty member at Grand Canyon University, teaching Anatomy / Physiology and nutrition and continues to practice clinical nutrition (the use of nutrition for healing).

    Dr. Lee received a bachelor’s of science degree in human biology with a minor in psychology and a doctorate degree in Chiropractic from the Southern California University of Health Sciences (LACC). For the past 28 plus years he has furthered his education in many health related areas. As a result of hundreds of hours in advanced clinical studies in topics ranging from science and biomechanics, primary and secondary fibromyalgia, low back pain and sciatica, Dr. Lee has developed a system of care that his patients feel is wonderful.

    His greatest passion has been in chronic pain / fibromyalgia treatment and clinical nutrition. This is where the utilization of the science of nutrition  assists in the healing of the human body; including fibromyalgia. Dr. Lee has had the privilege of teaching nutrition, Anatomy/Physiology and pathophysiology (how diseases develop) courses for local, international and nursing universities and enjoys the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

    Because Dr. Lee too suffers from spinal disease, he has a caring demeanor which compliments his vast knowledge in the human body and health care. He is the loving father of 8 children, the grandfather of nine grandsons and four beautiful granddaughters and he is the blessed husband of the most beautiful, loving woman on earth; his wife, Karen.

    Dr. Lee has received recommendations by leading physicians, dentists, podiatrists and optometrists for over 28 years! Although always pleased to receive their recommendations, there is no physician’s prescription or referral needed to start or receive care from Dr. Lee.

    Lee Family Chiropractic is located at 4111 E. Valley Auto Drive, Suite # 102 Mesa, AZ 85206.. Please call at 480-644-0644 or email us at drlee@drmlee.com.